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About Us

Welcome to our site Views Alive. Where we’re all about appreciating LIVE interesting and amazing video views from all over the world.
We’ve done the painstakingly hard work to gather together the best live streams, all in one place. No more searching this or that video hosting site or individual website.

Nathan King – Manager and Founder
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Languages: English, Spanish and sarcasm

I love to travel and spend time in new and already loved places around the world. I’ve travelled to 29 countries (& counting) and 5 continents. Which bestowed upon me a great appreciation for all animals, peoples, views and creations.

Unfortunately, I can’t travel 100% of my life. So, the next best thing is to be able to see live and real views and sounds of these things. Which is where the idea of Views Alive came into being.

I’ve gotten together with some of my other travelled friends from around the globe. We’re continually adding more live streams from many languages and countries. One of the benefits of having a diverse team is sharing the group’s depth and breadth of experience.

Our amazing team of Contributors

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If you’d like to suggest a focus or particular live stream, or become a contributor – please click on Submit a Webcam, or use our Contact Us page to start chatting with us.

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